Let your teens craft their own high school Fine Arts
credit with our FUN, but advanced art courses.

Do you have teenagers (or even tweens) who are ready to develop their artistic skills? Or earn a Fine Arts credit for high school? Do you only need access to our upper level art courses and lessons?

Then Studio TEENS is the right choice for you!

This membership accesses all the courses recommended for ages 13 and up (without all the kiddie courses and the price that includes them)! But your teens will still have access to the exclusive Studio bonuses for their age bracket.

Your high schoolers will find so much artsy goodness with which to craft their own Fine Arts Credit.

According to the HSLDA,

“One high school credit is approximately 120-180 hours of work. The upper end of this range (180 hours) is usually appropriate for lab science courses, while 150 hours is the average for a year long academic course such as English or History. Don't become legalistic in keeping track of each minute, but generally, when evaluating credit for an academic course, a good rule of thumb is 50 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 36 weeks, for a one-credit course.”

(Source: HSLDA https://hslda.org/content/highschool/docs/evaluatingcredits.asp)

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Masterpiece Society Art School

Throughout the four Art School courses your teens will learn:

  • How to use the classical art media
  • The Elements of Art
  • The Principles of Design
  • Color Theory & Mixing
  • Value & Intensity
  • Perspective
  • Proportion
  • Accuracy
  • Shapes & Negative space
  • How to draw a self-portrait
  • How to draw and paint animals
  • Painting a landscape and seascape
  • Painting still life and florals
  • The importance of copying master artists in order to improve their own techniques
  • And so much more!

They’ll also learn the basic mechanics and various techniques of each the classical art mediums:

Graphite  •  Charcoal  •  Conte crayons  • Inks
Oil pastels  •  Soft pastels  •  Watercolors  •  Acrylics/Oils

Art Through the Ages: Hands On Art History

Take a journey through time—one that begins in the cradle of civilization and the earliest recorded history of mankind. 

Frankly, if it hadn’t been for the art these ancient humans created, we would hardly know anything about how they lived, worked, and survived.

Archeologists unearth and study evidence from past cultures, such as pottery, jewelry, statues, and even buildings — all created with the human hand. And each piece is a record of ideas, cultural influence, and the era in which they lived.

Art is the universal language of humanity. And throughout the ages, three main art forms have been found in almost every civilization and culture: 

 Painting •  Sculpture  • Architecture

In this brand new series, Art Through the Ages, you will learn about art from the far corners of the world and historical periods from the earliest civilizations spanning through the middle ages. 

Not only will you have fun recreating amazing works of art—you will also gain a richer, deeper understanding of different cultures and civilizations.

Throughout this series, we will create:

Sculpture  •  Mosaics •  Fresco  • Relief
Papier-mache  •  Faux Stained Glass •  Batik  •  Pottery
Pattern Design  •  Calligraphy •  Paintings 

Join Alisha and her husband, Jason for these FUN lessons!

There are 5 volumes in this series:

  • Ancient Art (Art of the Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, and Egypt)
  • Classical Art (Art of the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans)
  • Eastern Art (Art of China, Japan, and India)
  • Medieval Art (Early Christian, Islamic, Byzantine, and Gothic Art)
  • Tribal Art (Art of Africa, the Americas, and Oceania)

Mixing with the Masters: Mixed Media Workshops

Mixing with the Masters courses give your teens and tweens a FUN, hands-on way to connect with the old masters and some of their most famous works.

By becoming involved in the same processes these artists used, the elements and principles of art will come ALIVE!

In each volume, we will study six artists from various eras and movements. We will learn about their lives, art styles, techniques, mediums, and genres. Then comes the really fun part:

We will recreate a few of their most famous pieces, giving each our own mixed media twist!

In these workshops, we explore:


  • Sketching
  • Charcoal drawing
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor painting
  • Oil pastel painting
  • Soft pastel painting
  • Wax resist
  • Collage art
  • Block Printing

Techniques such as...

  • Fresco
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Tenebrism
  • Impasto
  • Tache
  • Alla Prima
  • Gradient
  • And MORE!


Volume One Artists:

  • Leonardo da Vinci – High Renaissance
  • Rembrandt van Rijn – Baroque
  • Claude Monet – Impressionism
  • Vincent van Gogh – Post-Impressionism
  • Pablo Picasso – Cubism
  • Georgia O’Keeffe – American Modernism

Volume Two Artists:

  • Albrecht Durer – High Renaissance
  • Johannes Vermeer – Baroque
  • Edgar Degas – Realism & Impressionism
  • Mary Cassatt – Impressionism
  • Paul Cezanne – Post-Impressionism
  • Henri Matisse – Fauvism

Nature Journaling Series

If you’re wanting to learn nature journaling, not only from an artistic perspective, but especially from a scientific perspective, then the Masterpiece Society’s got you covered! 

Join Heather Woodie as she teaches you how to be a “nature keeper.”

These courses will help you become more curious and ask lots of questions about nature that’s all around you. You will learn about various species and the ecology that influences them by observing and sketching in the field as well as how to record those observations in a nature journal. 

Vincent van Gogh said: “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” 

Draw on Heather’s expertise to help you find the beauty in your own backyard and create an ongoing record of it.

  • Amphibians & Reptiles Module
  • Birds  Module
  • Insects  Module
  • Mammals  Module
  • Trees  Module
  • Wild Plants & Fungi  Module

What Courses Are Included in Studio TEENS?


  • Art School: Drawing 101
  • Art School: Watercolors 101
  • Art School: Acrylics (& Oils) 101
  • Art School: Pastels 101
  • Nature Journaling: Amphibians & Reptiles
  • Nature Journaling: Birds
  • Nature Journaling: Insects
  • Nature Journaling: Mammals
  • Nature Journaling: Trees
  • Nature Journaling: Wild Plants & Fungi
  • Art of the Round Table
  • Handmade from the Heart
  • LiterARTure
  • Bard Art
  • Art Escapades
  • Mixing with the Masters, Volume 1
  • Mixing with the Masters, Volume 2
  • Art Through the Ages: Ancient Art
  • Art Through the Ages: Classical Art
  • Art Through the Ages: Eastern Art
  • Art Through the Ages: Medieval Art
  • Art Through the Ages: Tribal Art
  • ARTventure into Neverland
  • Hand Lettering
  • A Nutcracker Christmas
  • Monsterpiece Society
  • Holiday Art
  • BONUS: Masterpiece Moms
  • BONUS: Virtual Paint Parties
  • And MORE coming this year!!!

Exclusive Content for Studio Members

Not only will you have access to ALL of the Masterpiece Society courses for teens, you’ll also have access to exclusive content for members only:

Handmade from the Heart

A collection of simple handicrafts—from sewing, embroidery, crochet, to wreaths and garlands—for kids and teens to create & give as gifts or simply make for themselves.

Holiday Art Lessons

If there’s a holiday in the month, check under the “Holiday Art” section for a FUN art lesson. We also have art for those weird holidays too!

Virtual Paint-Party Nights

Sometimes moms just need an hour or so with other moms to unwind, de-stress, and play with paint. This is what we do at our virtual paint parties.

Masterpiece Moms

Once a month, we have an art project just for us moms to create and to experience our own artsy “Mother Culture” or simply partake in a bit of self-care.

But Wait – There’s More!

Not only do members get access to ALL our current courses for teens, PLUS the exclusive content for members mentioned above…

But, for as long as you remain a member you will get access to EVERY NEW ART COURSE for teens we produce!!! You won’t have to purchase them separately because they will be automatically added to the membership site first!

Masterpiece Society Art Appreciation Curriculum

One FREE Volume per Month!

Technically, our art appreciation is NOT a part of the membership, but one of the perks of membership is that you'll receive a free volume each month.

Each volume includes:

  • Biographical information (and fun, quirky facts) on each artist
  • Artist quotes for copywork, journaling or future art projects
  • Historical background of the art movement in which he or she created
  • Quality photos of each classic work of art we study
  • Descriptions of the mediums and techniques used by the artist
  • Art terms and definitions specifically related to the artist
  • Internet links to virtual museums, galleries and other helpful websites
  • Links to teen-friendly art enrichment videos
  • Thought-provoking questions to encourage critical thinking skills
  • Printable notebooking pages for narration, copywork or memorization
  • Recommended books, movies and other resources for further study

LiterARTure Series

Take your family read-alouds to the next level with our LiterARTure series! Join my bookworm daughter, Olivia, as she combine various art mediums with some of her favorite classic childhood stories!

She adds one new lesson each month during the regular school season.

This summer, we took LiterARTure to the extreme by creating an entire summer art camp around a book, Peter Pan, with our ARTventure into Neverland. And this fall, we are adding BARD Art as well as Poetry & Painting to this super popular series!

Join Masterpiece Society Studio TEENS!

The art courses, exclusive member content, and resources within are currently valued at $5,818 (with more coming next year).

But now, you can bring art, beauty, and creativity to your teens with a membership to Masterpiece Society Studio TEENS for a small monthly or yearly investment!

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About Your Instructor

Hey there! I’m Alisha

As an artist and veteran homeschool mom of three, I want to provide you with the tools to instill a love of art and creativity in your kids – even in the midst of your crazy, busy life.

Our Members Love Us! 🥰

“I'm so happy to have found your site! My boys, ages 14, 12, and 7 enjoy the lessons very much! I love that they're easy to follow and they can do them by themselves anytime they are free and from the comfort of our home. I love the flexibility that they can skip the lessons they don't want to do. Thank you for such a wonderful resource and so much love and effort in the video lessons. It is really amazing! I am grateful to have spent some bonding time with my boys as I sat with them to do some of the more challenging lessons. Masterpiece Society is truly a gem!" 

Shirin T.

“Masterpiece Society Studio has been amazing for our family! My 11-year old daughter loves to watch Alishas' lessons. She has gained much more confidence in her art and especially appreciates that Alisha allows her to see her "oops moments." She has come to realize through this that her art doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. My 8-year old son says that Alisha is very easy to learn from and fun to paint with. We have had so much fun doing many of the lessons together, but my children have also grown more independent as they follow the lessons on their own. No longer am I intimidated to teach my kids art history or techniques as the Masterpiece Society has given our family the tools we need to confidently learn and enjoy art!"

Jessica F.

“I am thrilled with all that the Masterpiece Society Studio has offered our family. I thought we would start with a "Fine Arts Friday," by soon I found that the kids were drifting to the art materials and creating almost everyday. The artwork around our home is wonderful and brings a great deal of joy to my heart as I walk from room to room! Before we joined, there were days when we were overcome with stress and difficult work, but now we each have a way to deal with it when it becomes too much. I have enjoyed the projects for moms and experimenting with paints and techniques to create my own pieces. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Masterpiece Society has taught my kids!"

Linda R.

I love your program — we have been Studio members for three years…three out of the six of us in our family suffer with a severe chronic disease and are using the Masterpiece Society Studio to help us heal. So it has been very life-giving and healing for us to have something to do at home as we work through our chronic illness. As a nurse I have found the research around art and neuroplasticity so fascinating. It's been amazing to utilize your lessons to help us in our healing journey!
Thank you for creating a wonderful program!”

Studio Member

“As a homeschooling mom (despite having a minor degree in art), I felt completely lost and overwhelmed trying to select what and how to teach art lessons to my kids. Having Alisha with the Masterpiece Society Studio as our own private art teacher -- complete with instructions and supply lists -- took all the pressure off of me. Without the stress, I've joined in on the fun and love making art right alongside my children!"

Catherine R.

"Hands down, my favorite courses are by Alisha Gratehouse. What I love about them is that most any age can do the projects, and even though there is an example end product, everyone’s will be different. Alisha is so encouraging and walks you through each piece step-by-step. I love that you’re using real materials, it makes even your humblest effort seem a little more professional."

Bethany I.

"My daughter adores Alisha Gratehouse and her Masterpiece Society Studio! This membership has been, and continues to be, a wealth of art history, engaging art projects, and workshops. It has been an amazing outlet for her to focus her artistic talents while obtaining mountains of inspiration."

Erin V.

"Parents, if you are crazy enough to want some high quality mixed media art lessons for your children, you probably want to check out Alisha Gratehouse’s lessons. She makes everyone in our house feel like an artist by the time a project is finished. We’re even (willingly and joyfully) hanging the art up in the house! Where it can be seen. The price is right, too. So whether you have a couple, several, few, or gaggle of children it’s affordable."

Christine C.

Join Masterpiece Society Studio TEENS!

The art courses, exclusive member content, and resources within are currently valued at $5,818 (with more coming next year).

But now, you can bring art, beauty, and creativity to your kids with a membership to Masterpiece Society Studio TEENS for a small monthly or yearly investment!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to be artistic for my kids to do well in the Masterpiece Society Studio?
A: Heck no! If you have even one artistic kid, he/she will absolutely bloom in the Studio. The greatest thing about this membership is that *we* do the teaching, and you get to simply enjoy art alongside your kids! And because we focus on experiencing art, even your non-artsy kiddo will learn to enjoy the process of creating.

Q: What ages of kids/families should join?
A: The Masterpiece Society Studio is a whole-family program. That means we have advanced, in-depth Art School lessons for your gifted high schooler…all the way down to step-by-step drawing lessons for K through 2 and coloring pages for your preschoolers

Q: I’m ready to join! What happens next?
A: When you click the “Join Monthly” or the “Join Yearly & Save!“ button, you’ll be taken to a page to create your account. Once you’ve created a username and password, you can check out through PayPal. After we’ve received your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from PayPal and our site, then you can start creating right away by clicking on “My Courses“ on the menu above!

Q: How does membership work?
A: The Masterpiece Society Studio is a membership subscription, in which you pay monthly or yearly to access ALL art courses plus exclusive content via the Studio membership site.

Q: Are you a vendor with charter schools?
A: Yes. Masterpiece Society is an approved vendor for many charter schools. This allows families to purchase our products or membership using charter school funds. If we are not listed as a vendor with your school and you would like to purchase our products, please contact your point person and have them email us at: contact@masterpiecesociety.com. We are happy to answer any questions and ensure we meet your school’s qualifications. 

Q: Can I share my membership account with another family?
A: No. The membership site is set up to allow for only one family license per user login. 

Q: Can a non-member purchase the K-2 step-by-step drawing lessons, preschool coloring pages, holiday lessons, or extra seasonal lessons individually or as a bundle?
A: No. These are exclusive content for members only.

Q: Are your art courses Christian or secular?
A: Most courses are neutral, however, there are a few lessons in the seasonal courses where a Bible verse is used in hand lettering. However, your student will be encouraged to choose his/her own quote or poem to write. Every lesson is easily adapted to suit your family’s needs. Our goal is to help you instill a love of art, beauty, & creativity in your kids.

Q: Is the membership for homeschoolers only?
A: No. The membership site is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which makes it a perfect after school or weekend supplement for public and private school kids and teens – especially those whose schools have little to no “fine arts” program.

Q: Do you offer Homeschool Co-op Licenses for the membership site?
A: No. The membership site cannot be shared among families or a co-op. It is set up to only allow for one device (and one IP address) at a time. If your login is used from another address, the system will automatically log you out on your current device. Please Note: We have purposely kept the price low so that all families can afford it. Currently, there is over $5,800 worth of courses and resources available within Studio TEENS. $349/year is a fabulous deal, and for families who can’t afford the lump sum, $35/month is affordable.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
A: Yes! We’re dedicated to bringing outstanding art experiences to families. If you try your first project and for any reason are not thrilled with the lesson and the creativity it brings to your family, we will refund your investment 100% within the first 7 days of enrollment with a smile. No hoops. Just send us an email at: contact@masterpiecesociety.com.

Please Note: Memberships will recur until you cancel. You may cancel at any time, however there are no partial period refunds. Upon cancellation, you will continue to receive full access until your chosen period (month or year) expires. Your membership will not renew.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: To change or cancel your membership agreement with Masterpiece Society, send us an email at  contact@masterpiecesociety.com and we will be happy to assist you. This will also ensure that you will continue to receive full access until your chosen period (month or year) expires. Your membership will not renew. 

Join Masterpiece Society Studio TEENS!

The art courses, exclusive member content, and resources within are currently valued at $5,818 (with more coming next year).

But now, you can bring art, beauty, and creativity to your kids with a membership to Masterpiece Society Studio TEENS for a small monthly or yearly investment!