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Masterpiece Society Studio is an art membership site that gives your family access to the art courses and hundreds of art lessons we’ve created for kids & teensat any time of the year, day or nightwithout you having to plan a single one! 

Simply gather the supplies, let your kids or teens watch the step-by-step video lesson, and create their very own masterpiece!

If you're lucky, they'll be neat and orderly like Susan's kids.....

Or maybe, your kids are a bit more, ahem, Alta's kids. 😜 Either way, a Masterpiece Society Studio membership will bring lots of JOY to your family!

(Photos courtesy of Susan Evans and Alta Mahan)

NEW!!! Choose Your Own Studio Experience!

As a homeschooling family, we know that one size does NOT fit all! Every family is different and has its own unique needs. Whether you’ve got a quiverfull of all ages, or whether you've got one or two kids, there’s a monthly (or yearly) Studio plan for you!

Do you want access to everything? Choose Studio PREMIUM. Would you rather have a simplified, streamlined plan that won't overwhelm you and fits a tight budget? Choose Studio LITE. Maybe your kids are all young and not ready for the advanced courses we offer. Choose Studio KIDS. Do your teens need a high school Fine Arts credit? Let them map out their own curriculum with Studio TEENS.

Studio LITE

A specially curated monthly collection of Masterpiece Society fan favorites for families who want simplified and guided art studies on a budget.

  • Online streaming 24/7
  • Access to ALL courses
  • Access to ALL new courses
  • Exclusive art lessons
  • Lessons changed out monthly
  • Monthly or yearly access
  • Something for everyone
  • Great value for families on a budget!

$27/mo or $269/yr

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Studio KIDS or Studio TEENS

Do you have kids who aren't ready for advanced lessons? Or teens who need a Fine Arts credit? Choose your access!

  • Online streaming 24/7
  • Choose either KIDS or TEENS courses
  • Access to ALL new courses for your chosen level
  • Exclusive art lessons
  • Work at student's pace
  • Monthly or yearly access
  • Recommended for families who don't have a large range of ages

$35/mo or $349/yr

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An ALL-ACCESS pass to the Masterpiece Society Art Vault for families who don’t like limitations and prefer to
work at their own pace.

  • Online streaming 24/7
  • Access to ALL courses
  • Access to ALL new courses
  • Exclusive art lessons
  • Work at student's pace
  • Monthly or yearly access
  • Something for everyone

$47/mo or $469/yr

 Click here to purchase a LIFETIME membership for your family.

What's the Difference Between the New Studio Membership Tiers?

Find out in the video below:

Our Members Love Us! 🥰

“I'm so happy to have found your site! My boys, ages 14, 12, and 7 enjoy the lessons very much! I love that they're easy to follow and they can do them by themselves anytime they are free and from the comfort of our home. I love the flexibility that they can skip the lessons they don't want to do. Thank you for such a wonderful resource and so much love and effort in the video lessons. It is really amazing! I am grateful to have spent some bonding time with my boys as I sat with them to do some of the more challenging lessons. Masterpiece Society is truly a gem!" 

Shirin T.

“Masterpiece Society Studio has been amazing for our family! My 11-year old daughter loves to watch Alishas' lessons. She has gained much more confidence in her art and especially appreciates that Alisha allows her to see her "oops moments." She has come to realize through this that her art doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. My 8-year old son says that Alisha is very easy to learn from and fun to paint with. We have had so much fun doing many of the lessons together, but my children have also grown more independent as they follow the lessons on their own. No longer am I intimidated to teach my kids art history or techniques as the Masterpiece Society has given our family the tools we need to confidently learn and enjoy art!"

Jessica F.

“I am thrilled with all that the Masterpiece Society Studio has offered our family. I thought we would start with a "Fine Arts Friday," by soon I found that the kids were drifting to the art materials and creating almost everyday. The artwork around our home is wonderful and brings a great deal of joy to my heart as I walk from room to room! Before we joined, there were days when we were overcome with stress and difficult work, but now we each have a way to deal with it when it becomes too much. I have enjoyed the projects for moms and experimenting with paints and techniques to create my own pieces. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Masterpiece Society has taught my kids!"

Linda R.

I love your program — we have been Studio members for three years…three out of the six of us in our family suffer with a severe chronic disease and are using the Masterpiece Society Studio to help us heal. So it has been very life-giving and healing for us to have something to do at home as we work through our chronic illness. As a nurse I have found the research around art and neuroplasticity so fascinating. It's been amazing to utilize your lessons to help us in our healing journey!
Thank you for creating a wonderful program!”

Studio Member

“As a homeschooling mom (despite having a minor degree in art), I felt completely lost and overwhelmed trying to select what and how to teach art lessons to my kids. Having Alisha with the Masterpiece Society Studio as our own private art teacher -- complete with instructions and supply lists -- took all the pressure off of me. Without the stress, I've joined in on the fun and love making art right alongside my children!"

Catherine R.

"Hands down, my favorite courses are by Alisha Gratehouse. What I love about them is that most any age can do the projects, and even though there is an example end product, everyone’s will be different. Alisha is so encouraging and walks you through each piece step-by-step. I love that you’re using real materials, it makes even your humblest effort seem a little more professional."

Bethany I.

"My daughter adores Alisha Gratehouse and her Masterpiece Society Studio! This membership has been, and continues to be, a wealth of art history, engaging art projects, and workshops. It has been an amazing outlet for her to focus her artistic talents while obtaining mountains of inspiration."

Erin V.

"Parents, if you are crazy enough to want some high quality mixed media art lessons for your children, you probably want to check out Alisha Gratehouse’s lessons. She makes everyone in our house feel like an artist by the time a project is finished. We’re even (willingly and joyfully) hanging the art up in the house! Where it can be seen. The price is right, too. So whether you have a couple, several, few, or gaggle of children it’s affordable."

Christine C.